The inspirational story behind Lemon Clinic

When Tiana put on 15kg in 2017, she tried absolutely everything to lose the excess weight. From extreme diets and intense exercise regimes to several body sculpting treatments but nothing worked. She even contemplated liposuction but decided against it as she didn’t want to go under the knife.

A changed life
Tiana immersed herself in becoming a fat freezing expert after successfully losing the 15kg when every other treatment had failed. Stubborn fat cells disappeared and never came back. She once again felt good about her body and regained her self-confidence.

Specialist expertise
She received certified professional training to learn how to perform fat freezing safely and effectively, and is now a certified Cryolipolysis provider. Tiana uses a medical grade, TGA and FDA approved machine. She offers her specialist expertise in fat freezing treatments to provide safe and non-invasive treatment to change your life.

Dream sanctuary
She opened the doors to her dream sanctuary, Lemon Clinic, to create a home for clients who crave integrity, honesty, compassion and genuine results. Her desire is for you to reshape your body image and regain your self-confidence.    

Her professional clinic is conveniently located in the eastern suburbs less than 15km from the Melbourne CBD, with ample free parking.

Passionate about helping people
Tiana’s passion is to help people by offering a safe and non-invasive treatment that’s changed her life. She’s made it her goal to use her expertise to help you feel better about your body and yourself.

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Genuine Care
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There are many body sculpting clinics in Melbourne that offer fat freezing, and it can be difficult to decide where to go. My area of speciality and expertise is fat freezing, offering you professional treatment using medical grade technology and a TGA approved machine for the best results.

My priority is to put you first by making sure you feel comfortable and safe. You’re likely to have lots of questions and you want to know you’re in good hands.

Choosing to have fat freezing treatment can be daunting. I’ll spend 30 minutes with you to explain what fat freezing is, how it works and you can ask me all your burning questions.

No one likes to be treated like a number. You also don’t want to feel like the treatment is rushed, like a conveyor belt moving along. It’s my priority to get to know you and walk this part of the journey with you.

Your body is important, and how you feel about yourself is even more significant. My aim is to help you shape the body you want and become more confident about how you look and feel.

Once your treatment is finished, enjoy free access to our gym and have a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.


Medical grade technology
Beautiful clinic with gym

TGA approved machine
Free and easy parking

Large applicators
Permanent results


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Tiana was amazing. I lost cm off my stomach after one treatment at lemon. I have honestly never had as good an experience as I did at Lemon Clinic. I cannot wait for the next session. She’s a magician!
Olivia D